I can't log in!

If you are having trouble logging into The Gift List Database, it could be because the Username/Password process requires you to enable cookies in your browser.

Please click the browser you use to view the settings tutorial:

How do I export data?
I don't see hundreds of contacts on the list.

The Gift List is a real-time list. We add contacts daily as editors make decisions on holiday content. We do not pre-load a contact list without knowing what their holiday plans are, so it is the subscriber’s responsibility to log in periodically to see the latest additions to the list. This is one of the benefits of The Gift List. You get a fully-vetted list, not simply a contact list. We strive to provide individual preferences and deadlines of each contact.

My coworker signed up for our company account, but is no longer here.

Please log in to your account and update your contact info here.

Can I just call you?

If you have a technical issue, we would like you to review the tutorials before reaching out by phone. Most of the issues you’ll experience are with settings on your computer that need to be addressed and we’ve outlined them in great detail in tutorials. If your issue isn’t listed, or you’ve been through the tutorial and it is not fixed, then sure, give us a call. Just remember we are in California, and we don’t answer the phone before 9am PST. Thanks!

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