What is The Gift List?

The Gift List is a brand of media lists. We specialize in consumer media coverage of consumer products with a special focus on the Holiday editorial calendars. We interview each media contact before we post their profile to the list.

Can I preview the list before I subscribe?

You can take a Test Drive of a previous year’s list to see how it works. Fill out the form and a temporary Username and Password will be emailed to you. Login just like a regular subscriber.  You will have access to last year’s list for 72 hours from the time you registered. You will be able to preview the previous year’s content and functionality, however the editor’s names and contact details will be redacted from view until you subscribe.

How do I subscribe to The Gift List?

Click here to go to our shopping cart to choose the list to subscribe to.


If I subscribed in previous years, do I need to re-register?

No. If you want to subscribe to the current list, simply log in to your account in the shopping cart.

How long will I have access to The Gift List?

Regardless of when you order to The Gift List you will receive the entire product. If you subscribe in April or May, you will have access to the data as soon as we collect it.  You will be able to take advantage of the earliest deadlines. If you subscribe in July or August, you will receive everything that’s already been posted to the database from the very beginning. You may have missed a few deadlines, but you will start receiving new data on a weekly basis along with everyone else.

When do you start posting editor profiles online?

For the Print & Broadcast list, we begin posting in May as soon as we start completing interviews. We time each interview with the outlets right as they start planning their holiday issues, but early enough to give you plenty of time before their deadline.

For the Web & Blog list, we start publishing profiles in late summer as most of the sites have shorter lead times and don’t plan editorial calendars as far in advance as print media.

When do you finish the list?

We generally finish the Print & Broadcast list by the end of October and the Web & Blog list by November.

How long will I have access to The Gift List?

Once we wrap up the list, it remains online for your reference through the end of March of the following year.

How soon after I order the list can I access the data?

As soon as you’re done ordering your Username and Password will be activated.  You can go directly to Login to access the data. And start pitching! If you subscribe prior to the list going live in May, you won’t have access until May 1.

Who should I contact if I have a question?

All technical support and customer service inquires should go to queries@giftlistmedia.com. Email is the fastest way for us to get back to you.

How many contacts are on the lists?

On the 2016 list we had over 1,000 contacts on the Print & Broadcast list and more than 700 on the Web and Blog list.

What kind/size of websites/publications do you have on the list and how do you select the media outlets you feature?

We have virtually every national and large regional consumer publication, national morning TV shows, and large daily newspapers on the Print & Broadcast list. On the Web & Blog list we also have major national websites and blogs, many with over 1 to 30 million unique users per month. On blogs, we only cover outlets with more than 50,000 UVPM. We have made several exceptions on high influencer niche bloggers, but those are unique.

What large companies are currently buying lists from you?

We don’t disclose our client list as we have a privacy policy but we do have large national brands, publicity firms, and small mom and pop inventors.

Do you have any other relevant information that can help me pitch these lists to my company/clients?

Our list is the only curated holiday list that focuses on getting product coverage. Some other lists that claim to be competitors have simply pulled info from Cision and resold it. Our contacts have been vetted by our staff. We call editors, schedule face-to-face desksides, send out a bi-monthly Editorial Look Book and schedule time with them during our frequent product pitching trips to New York.

Can I share my subscription with other people?

No. Each subscription is for your office staff only. If you have a large company with multiple locations in various cities, each office must purchase a subscription. We do enforce this policy when we see too many IP addresses accessing your account. This also protects you from people using your account after they’ve left your company. If you want a discount on a multi-user package, please contact us for pricing. If you need more information about our terms and conditions, see the Terms & Conditions page.

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