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Two Great Ways to Introduce New Products to Media

A fully-vetted media list that targets those fabulous holiday gift guides that you see on talk shows and in every newspaper, women’s, men’s, home, food and general interest magazine.

Think of The Editorial Look Book as “Pinterest for editors”! The look book is sent to hundreds of editors who cover products and coming soon, editors can log into the website any time to search for products.

What our current subscribers are saying during the Pandemic…

“This is my first year as a member of Gift List Media and it has been an extremely helpful resource.  It has not only saved me a lot of time, but has helped me connect with top tier media and editors that were actively looking for products.  I was able to find coverage opportunities I was unaware of and the hard work was already done for me.  I am grateful for this resource!”

Kristina McKean

Founder, The Elephant Project

“Thank you for all you do! With all the staff turnover and reassignment of duties at the various media outlets, it is so nice to know who to pitch and with what story ideas. You make things so much easier for all of us. Please know that I truly appreciate it!”

Beth Weiss


“You guys are doing GREAT. In fact, you’re a godsend. It’s been miserable trying to track down everyone’s new info especially since some have been laid off or gone freelance due to COVID-19… So thank you!”

Courtney Osgood

Owner, CKO PR

“Most of our contact with the press is specifically about gift guides. We tried a very robust PR software solution to source contacts, but there were a few problems: we didn’t need all the features, it didn’t focus on pertinent gift guide info, and it costs thousands of dollars every year. The Gift List provides distilled useful information about publications and contacts that has landed MistoBox in more than 10 gift guides.”

Samantha Meis

Founder, MistoBox

How The Gift List Works

Let Us Vet The Media For You

We contact each media outlet to find the right contact for each product category. We ask what they are looking for and how they want to be pitched so that you use your time doing what you do best: Pitching!

Get Data In Real Time

We upload each contact as we speak to them, so that you have as much time as possible to pitch before their holiday deadlines. We make updates if deadlines are changed. Just log in to see everything you need.

Pitch As You Go

Don't miss a deadline by regularly logging in to find the latest updates on long leads and short leads. Save your pitch notes in your Gift List accounts to track who and when you've pitched and schedule follow-up.

What sets our media list apart from the rest?


We go beyond the simple details that large media databases such as Cision publish, to give you the complete picture, not just a piece of the puzzle.

We don't load the list with small-time bloggers. We look for the real deal to give you the best ROI on your PR campaign.

Up-To-Date Media List

We contact editors, producers, bloggers, and writers every season to find out their specific feature details, deadlines, lead times and contact preferences for the current year.

No more keeping track of the revolving door of newsrooms. If an editor leaves, we find their replacement ASAP!

Product-Focused Media

Our competition isn't really competition because they don't focus on the nitty gritty.

We find editors, producers, and bloggers for each media outlet who actually cover products! We make sure to always find the right contact for new products in every category.

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