And another one bites the dust…this one is surprising…but not really. Being covered in O Magazine has been the holy grail for publicists for years, so the news that broke on Friday announcing that the December issue would be the last monthly issue was a bit painful for many media gurus. Today we checked in with the Creative Director Adam Glassman who told us “we are still going forward and my team is intact. We are not ceasing print completely.” What that means is still TBD, but we are guessing that it will mean special editions will be published in print, but decisions on what and how often are undecided. At least that’s our interpretation.

Why do we think this news isn’t surprising? Because COVID. Print has declined as more people access their news through their iPad or phone, and some publications are moving that direction due to the decline in monthly subscriptions. Now that the pandemic hit, newsstand sales also were dramatically impacted…making it an easier decision to stop print. We are focusing our efforts more than ever on digital outlets that provide faster coverage, and to large audiences. In the past week, we’ve reached editors at Well + Good (5.4M UVPM) , Wirecutter (6.9M UVPM), Elite Daily (13.2M UVPM), The Manual (1.25M UVPM) and Red Tricycle (1M UVPM) along with many more outlets. Log in to The Gift List to connect with them!