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The Fresh Dolls™ were created for all children to see their beauty and intelligence reflected through their toys. The line is a collection of mixed race and multicultural dolls, created by Dr. Lisa Williams, the founder of the only Black owned major doll company, World of EPI.

● This beautiful doll has a custom blended skin tone, hair color, curl and style, and unique facial features and body sculpting to authentically represent
● All Fresh Dolls stand approximately 11.5 inches tall, taller if they have fuller hair styles.
● They can bend and pose with five point articulated joints at the knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, and neck.
● And, the fashions are removable with stylish shoes included!
● The Fresh Doll assortment includes Marisol, Lynette, Mia, Lexi, Ebony, Skylar.

Now more than ever, parents are encouraging diversity through play and early childhood learning. The Fresh Dolls were created by Dr. Lisa Williams, a top African American academic and children’s book publisher, to ensure that children of color can see their beauty and brilliance reflected back during playtime. Dr. Lisa designed each doll’s face sculpt, skin tone and hair texture to reflect authentic representation so Black children can grow up seeing their beauty from the start.

“I never thought I would leave the academic world as a professor to pursue the life of creating dolls. It wasn’t until I viewed a doll study, that my mind was completely changed,” said Dr. Lisa, founder and CEO at World of EPI. “During the study, one of the African American girl participants touched her hand, and said, ‘I didn’t think the brown doll’s skin was pretty because it is nasty just like mine.’ I knew I had to change my life’s focus. There was no way I could sit comfortably behind my desk as our young girls believed the lie that their skin tone was not beautiful.”

The Fresh Dolls line features six different dolls including Mia, Ebony and Lynette with natural curly hair and modern fashion looks available for $12.88 MSRP. The fashion dolls were intentionally created to be authentic with custom blended skin tones along with fuller lips, more realistic hips, thighs and waistlines. For young style mavens, new trendy fashion sets include five different packs, each with a full fashion, bag and shoes that will fit any of the Fresh Dolls, starting at $4.88 MSRP.

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