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Swirl & Style™ Tie Dye Studio Maker brings a new element of fun to tie-dying! With its unique, self-contained orb, tie-dye creations are made mess-free. Simply put dye bottles into self-sealing valves to dye, spin, wash and wear. Watch as the colors transform ordinary items to bright, colorful art!

The retro-cool craft activity, Swirl & Style™ Tie Dye Studio Maker is the perfect DIY kit for family-friendly crafting at home. Swirl & Style embraces the tie dye trend and inspires colorful creations.

From high fashion brands to Vans shoes, tie dye is everywhere. Some are even claiming it’s the biggest fashion trend of the Quarantine season, with celebrities sporting tie dye loungewear.

Swirl & Style already exceeded YULU’s expectations with a sales performance at 150% of the initial forecast. After it initially sold out in May, the team worked hard to restock for the second half of the year to meet the demand.

“With stay-at-home orders in place, craft activities provide families with a creative outlet while social distancing,” said Toy Association trend specialist Adrienne Appell. “Craft activities that appeal to all ages are especially popular right now, since they offer a way for everyone to have fun together.”

● Kids will love to create their own tie dye creations!
● Easy, mess free tie-dye!
● Dyes stay enclosed in self-contained orb
● Includes 6 bright colors for 12+ creations
● Includes 12 individually packaged dyes for repeatable play
● Endless creativity
● Includes instruction design booklet

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