GoodCook® Quick-Baste Roaster


GoodCook® Quick-Baste Roaster is ideal for roasting the perfect bird for the holidays or Sunday roast year-round. It features an innovative concaved bottom that angles juices to either end of the pan making basting safer, easier and faster.

The GoodCook® Quick-Baste Roaster eliminates the need to lift and tilt the pan to force cooking juices to pool to one side of the pan for basting. Additionally, the nonstick roasting rack is designed shorter than standard racks allowing enough space for a basting spoon to easily access cooking juices. The roasting rack has folding handles that allow users to easily transfer food to a cutting board or serving platter. The 17” x 12” roasting pan is made of durable carbon steel with an easy-to-clean nonstick coating.

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