OttLite Purify Sanitizing Desk Lamp


OttLite introduces the first and only line of sanitizing desk lamps with proven patented technology that safely breaks down harmful bacteria while working, creating a healthier space.

This Visible Light Disinfection technology used in the Sanitizing Line is safe for eyes and skin.

SpectraClean technology breaks down harmful microorganisms, including bacteria, fungus and mold, at the cellular level making them unable to reproduce and infect.

OttLite’s new desk lamp technology continuously sanitizes every time the light is turned on, including phones and laptops within the illuminated area.

OttLite’s new sanitizing line also features the exclusive ClearSun® LED technology, reducing eyestrain by up to 51%.

The new Sanitizing Line includes four new lamp styles – the Purify LED Sanitizing Lamp is one of the four.
Retail price ranges from $49 to $89, depending on the model. The Purify model is $89

Lamp designs feature Qi wireless charging, touch dimming, flexible lamp neck design for redirecting light, digital clock/calendar and USB ports for charging.

Additional information

Media Contact

Lynn Kilroy
(813) 610-3211

Launch Date

November 15, 2020


Office Depot (Purify available online and in select stores in December 2020; Enhance available in stores and online – early February 2021)
Bed, Bath & Beyond (Purify and Thrive available in all stores and online in January 2021) (Purify, Thrive and Emerge available online Nov. 15, 2020)

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