Huffy Bicycles
Nassau Cruiser


The Huffy Nassau Beach Cruiser is awash in a sea crystal sparkle, with delicate frills, a richly padded seat, stylish wicker basket, and rear storage rack that make this one special ride. The Nassau’s hi-ten steel frame features Huffy’s exclusive Perfect Fit design which delivers more comfort, and that means more fun and a better ride! This design enables your legs to extend forward when you pedal; this forward extension makes a big difference to your riding comfort. The raised handlebar provides a more upright riding position, and that’s just better for your back, arms, and hands.

Vinyl wrap grips feel soft to the touch while the Krayton pedals stay comfortable on longer rides. The alloy quick-release binder clip makes it simple to adjust the seat to just the right height and the rear coaster brake is simple and fun – just pedal back to stop. You can almost hear the waves calling for you.