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Maryiza is helping to build the nascent, specialty, single-origin honey movement. We’re leveraging the consumer-familiar concept of single-origin and terroir (as it’s been applied to specialty coffee and wines) to engage consumers in honey’s true potential. Each of our single-origin honeys reflects the dynamic, unique ecology of each indigenous forest we work in. Each monofloral honey varietal is an expression – in aroma and taste – of a dominant, native, tree flora source.

Maryiza is the flagship brand of a greater vision, Forested Foods. In addition to working with forest farmers and communities to produce single-origin tree flora honeys, we aim to work with these same communities to produce portfolios of other agroforestry products (i.e. spices, herbs, fruits, gums/resins) throughout the year. We intend to make forest conservation (via agroforestry production) an economically attractive opportunity such that it outweighs everyone’s gains of clearing forests for timber sales and monoculture plantations.

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