Oral B – iO

Oral-B iO is the most revolutionary Oral-B brushing technology to date, elevating user expectations in experience, technology, design and performance like never before. With more than six years of product research and development, Oral-B iO features over 250 global patents and is a testament to its position as the most advanced brushing technology available. Oral-B iO builds on existing oscillation rotation technology, combining with all new micro-vibrations for a more thorough clean and a uniquely pleasurable experience. Oral-B iO also gives users personalized guidance and an overall enjoyable experience that expertly assists them through each session and instills a new confidence that they are brushing with proper technique and achieving their best oral health results.

The Oral-B iO is available at three different price points: $200 (iO7), $250 (iO8), or $300 (iO9).

Differences between the series can be found below:

-iO7: Black and White Screen
-iO8/iO9: Color Screen

Brushing Modes
-iO7: 5 Modes
-iO8: 6 Modes
-iO9: 7 Modes

Refills Count
-iO7: 2 Refills
-iO8: 3 Refills
-iO9: 4 Refills

AI Recognized Brushing Zones
-iO7/iO8: 6 Zones
-iO9: 16 Zones

Travel Case
-iO7/iO8: Premium Plastic Travel Case
-iO9: Charging Travel Case

Available at: Walgreens, Target, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond

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