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Playful Pandas


Playful Pandas represent the first major launch into the girls toy category for Far Out Toys. Playful Pandas are musical, magical, Pandorable friends with limitless responses. Boys and girls can sing any song to their Panda and she’ll sing back in her own Panda language! Playful Pandas come in four styles including Sweetie, Slumber, Foodie and Fashionista each with her own personality and signature song. And, when kids collect two or more Pandas they will sing in harmony. For even more fun, each Panda responds to a child’s touch – tickle her belly, kiss her nose or pat her head and the Panda will laugh, move and respond! Playful Pandas will initially come in three different styles for kids ages 4+ and will be available in October at Target for approximately $14.99.

5.75”H x 5”W x 3.75”D

Window box

(Avail at Target and Amazon this Fall)

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Far Out Toys – Playful Pandas

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