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I+I Botanicals’ Bath Teas are expertly blended to create unique soaking experiences. Each blend enhances the natural healing associated with warm salt baths by combining the therapeutic benefits of CBD, skin soothing oatmeal, distinct botanicals and essential oils.

  • Calm + Collected (Lavender + Chamomile) naturally moisturizes and softens the skin, while providing the ultimate relaxation.
  • Happy + Healthy (Eucalyptus + Jasmine) eases muscle aches and pains while awakening the senses, offering soothing relief to the body as you unleash your inner zen.
  • Fresh + Fierce (Grapefruit + Rose) relieves stress while reducing inflammation. The scent of citrus and rose buds will energize the body and rejuvenate the soul.

“Good for the Earth” is a key corporate value that is instilled from brand mantra to ingredients to packaging for the newly launched organic and vegan beauty line infused with CBD, I+I Botanicals.

Whenever possible, we use plant-based, recycled, recyclable, bio-degradable, and/or compostable materials. We aim to use as little plastic as possible in our packaging. However, when plastic is necessary, we use recycled plastic.

For the Bath Tea Set, every part of packaging is compositable or biodegradable.

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