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ZVOX AV100 Micro-Sized AccuVoice Sound Bar Perfect to Enhance the audio on your iPad or secondary TV ) SRP: $169.99

The new ZVOX AV100 is the smallest, simplest and most affordable AccuVoice TV Speaker ever. Only 10” wide and 2.5” high, the AV100 weighs less than one pound, and can be placed just about anywhere. Featuring AccuVoice hearing aid technology with 6 levels of voice boost and PhaseCue virtual surround to deliver room-filling 3D sound, the AV100 is ideal to enhance the audio from your iPad to your kitchen, bedroom or work out TV. This is a perfect gift for an iPad-using baby boomer or for someone who has trouble understanding the dialogue on TV programming.

Since 2003 ZVOX has been on the cutting edge of technologies that improve sound. While they began as a company dedicated to perfecting the TV soundbar (which they did), over the past five years they have evolved into a full-fledged “hearing company” – dedicated to improving voice and dialogue clarity in TV programming. ZVOX recognized a growing frustration among consumers of all ages about the difficulty of understanding the dialogue on TV programming. Younger people often solved the problem by watching with the closed-caption features, while older viewers simply raised the volume of their TVs – neither ideal solutions. But with the development of their proprietary voice clarification technologies, ZVOX has been leading the industry by integrating these technologies into a wide variety of products, like their critically-acclaimed sound bars, simple voice-enhancing TV speakers embraced by baby boomers, affordable noise-cancelling headphones and hearing aids. With the debut of our latest TV speaker, the AV10 and AV157, ZVOX has introduced the fourth generation of our voice clarification technology, benchmarking this important emerging category.

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