TCL – 10 Pro


The TCL 10 Pro holds nothing back with its sleek design and cutting edge features. At just $449, the TCL 10 Pro defies mid-range expectations by including features that even some flagship competitors don’t have. The 10 Pro takes mid-range smartphone cameras and levels them up in true flagship fashion with a 64MP high-res main camera, a 2.9μm big pixel low-light video camera, super night mode for vibrant shots in extremely dark settings and a super wide-angle function to curate cinematic video content within pocket’s reach. TCL’s NXTVISION technology further enhances the viewing experience with nearly true-to-life colors and quality on a TV quality screen using the industry-leading displays TCL is known for. The 10 Pro is also part of a select group of smartphones capable of streaming Netflix in HDR10, unlocking libraries of HDR content.


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