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Magazines, TV & Radio shows and newspapers are always looking for new product launches to introduce to their readers. But finding the right editor at the right time can be a challenge. That's where we come in!

We call writers, editors and TV & radio producers on a regular basis to find out what they have planned for holiday gift guides, special sections and their individual year round interests. Then we publish that information on our seasonal media database in real-time so that when we know it, you know it.

Last Chance-Spring Pitch List 2017

This list features 75 editorial contacts that cover Mother's Day and Spring features. The spreadsheet will be sent to you after your order processes. It's not too late to pitch your product for Mother's Day gift giving, beauty, home, food, and more. Note: As of March 22, there are still more than 20 outlets with open deadlines and many of the other 55 are accepting submissions for future issues. This list originally sold for $249 when all deadlines were open.

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The Gift List for Holiday - Print & Broadcast 2017

This fully researched and vetted media list targets those fabulous holiday gift guides that you see on talk shows and in every newspaper, women's, men's, home, food and general interest magazines. Editors are constantly bombarded with press releases, press kits and product samples that they didn't ask for – especially before the holidays.

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The Gift List for Holiday - Web & Blog 2017

As the trend continues to publish content online, our Web & Blog database continues to grow. Print publications that have long lead times are able to provide up-to-date information on new product launches, news and reviews through blogs and online content. None of our competitors who produce media lists go in-depth to each site and research each product coverage opportunity. In fact, you'll be hard-pressed to find any list that gives you more than a simple URL to a website home page.

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