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What do we do? We talk to the media.
And pass the information on to you.

We take all of the hard work out of finding the right editors to cover your product.

Each season we call our connections to find out the 411 on what types of products they plan to cover on a seasonal and year round basis.

We go above and beyond the simple details by asking them their PR delivery preferences, deadlines, lead time and contact preferences.

Our team works hard to get you real-time information so that you won’t ever miss out on an opportunity to see your product on the pages of your favorite magazines, newspapers, blogs or TV shows.

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The Gift List for Holiday - Print & Broadcast is a fully researched and vetted media list that targets those fabulous holiday gift guides that you see on talk shows and in every newspaper, women's, men's, home, food and general interest magazine. Over one thousand media profiles for only $699.

  • Includes vetted contacts to consumer magazines, the top 250 newspapers nationwide, syndicated TV shows, national broadcast opportunities and the top 5 markets’ morning shows.
  • Provides each editor’s product coverage opportunities, contact preferences and sample requests.
  • Gives you the deadlines and typical lead times for each holiday gift guide so that you’ll never miss a deadline.

The Gift List for Holiday - Web & Blog is a unique list that you won’t find anywhere else. As the trend to publish content online continues, the opportunities for online product coverage abound. The benefit of reaching web editors and bloggers is that they often work with little turnaround time and are a constant source of new product reviews. Over one thousand media profiles for only $599.

  • Digs deep to feature blogs and websites that routinely cover and review new products.
  • Features top ranked blogs along with the online web presence of our Print & Broadcast publications’ counterparts.
  • Goes beyond the URL to give you all of the contact preferences, lead-times and product coverage opportunities for each blog, newsletter or website.