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What is The Gift List?
The Gift List is a brand of media lists. We specialize in consumer media coverage of consumer products with a special focus on the Holiday editorial calendars. We interview the media personally before we post their profile to the list.  How the list is created.

Can I see the data before I buy?
Sure.  Take a Test Drive and see for yourself.  Fill out the form and a temporary Username and Password will be emailed to you. Login just like a regular subscriber.  You will have access to last year's list for 72 hours from the time you registered.

I just bought the list, how do I access the data?
You need to Login. Enter your Username and Password, and click Login. If you have purchased more than one database, you will be given a choice.  Select which database you want to view, and click login again. You will see the Search screen appear.

How do I go to order The Gift List?
Go to the Buy Now
, our shopping cart will walk you through setting up your account.

How soon after I order the list can I access the data?
As soon as you're done ordering your Username and Password will be activated.  You can go directly to Login to access the data. And start pitching!

How long will I have access to The Gift List?
Regardless of when you order to The Gift List you will receive the entire product. If you subscribe in April or May, you will have access to the data as soon as we collect it.  You will be able to take advantage of the earliest deadlines. If you subscribe in July or August, you will receive everything that’s already been posted to the database from the very beginning. You may have missed a few deadlines, but you will start receiving new data on a weekly basis along with everyone else.

When do you start posting editor profiles online?
We begin posting in late May as soon as we start completing interviews.  We time each interview with the outlets right as they start planning their holiday issues, but early enough to give you plenty of time before their deadline.

When do you finish the list?
We generally finish by the end of October.

How long will I have access to The Gift List?
Once we wrap up the list, it remains online for your reference through the end of March of the following year. 

Who should I contact if I have a question?
All technical support and customer service inquires should go to queries@giftlistmedia.com. Email is the fastest way for us to get back to you.

Where can I find an overview of all your products?
Go to What We Do, there we list both our Media Lists and Services.  All the online databases and related products are described there.

Tell me more about your online database features?
The online database allows you to search, sort, export, print, and save custom lists in a proprietary contact management system called MyMedia.

Do you offer any services to help me get started?
We offer select services to get your public relations ready to roll. For more information, visit Services page.

Do you host or attend any media events?
Through New Product Events, we host several themed media events throughout the year.