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Somtimes you just need to meet the media face to face.

New Product Events

We offer the very best in media-only events, consistently attracting the highest quality of top-tier media attendees.

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New Product Events provides an exciting avenue for consumer product companies to engage in face-to-face interaction with top consumer, trade, broadcast and newspaper editors in charge of selecting new products for their publications.

No other venue offers the opportunity to speak one-on-one with this volume of journalists so conveniently and cost-effectively.

New Product Events hosts two types of events:

Traditional table top display events, where exhibitors display their products and welcome the media to their booth. These events are exciting, packed with media, and fantastic displays!  This event hosts 80-90 exhibitors and over 200 top tier media attend.


And speed pitching, our own original concept for meeting the media, where the exhibitors rotate from media table to media table every 5 minutes pitching their product.  Exhibitors enjoy the undivided attention of a top tier media representative with no distractions. These events are fast paced, intense, and selective.  We host only 18 exhibitors and 20-30 top tier media.

New Product Events is a partnership between Amy Bates and Nicole Vance.  Speed Pitching is a registered trademark of New Product Events.