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How we create our products...

If you are looking for editorial coverage in consumer media, you’ve come to the right place.

Nobody knows seasonal and holiday media like we do!

We offer two online media databases designed specifically for seasonal and holiday pitching:

  • The Gift List for Holiday -- Print & Broadcast
  • The Gift List for Holiday -- Web & Blog

For details and pricing go to Media Lists.

Forget about the tedious chore of media list compilation. We put in hundreds of hours contacting editors and producers.

It's what we do all day, all year.

Focus on achieving publicity results, not on list building.

We speak directly with each outlet to get detailed data you can't find anywhere else. In addition to accurate contact information, we give you detailed story themes, product feature interests, deadlines, submission preferences, photography requirements, and more.

You'll hit the ground running without missing deadlines or wasting precious staff time getting there. Our media lists deliver comprehensive editor profiles for national and regional magazines, the top 250 daily newspapers, news wires and syndicates, national television, as well as web and blog outlets.

Make your client, your company and yourself happy this season!


Who will be interviewed?

Not just anyone. We adhere to strict criteria. No more wild goose chases, dead ends, or angry editors!

To make it on our interview list, each editor or producer must be with a consumer media outlet. You’re not going to find the Nursing Science Quarterly on our list.

You will find outlets like Redbook, Allure, Wired, Fast Company, Organic Gardening, Cooking Light, Shape, Atlanta Magazine, Ladies Home Journal, Parents, People, and hundreds more like these.

We contact the top 250 daily newspapers, all the major wire services, and television shows like Today, The Rachael Ray Show, Ellen, The View, and hundreds more.

We don’t contact outlets that won’t mention products by name or those with circulations under 25,000, and our broadcast outlets must reach a national or significant regional audience.

Who makes it on the list?

Once we contact the outlet, we hunt out the best contacts for product coverage, such as the tech editor, the fashion editor, the food editor, the parenting editor, and so on. Then we get them on the phone. We’re experts at that!

Will they all make it on the list? Oh no.

They must be planning a story that will cover consumer products and be interested in receiving product information.

Then, all the details from the interview are made available to you in an easy to use seachable online database.

How is The Gift List different from a beat list?

A beat list will give you a list of all editors with the same beat assignment. For example, if you are pitching a toy for holiday. You could purchase a beat list of parenting editors.

However, you won’t know which editor actually covers toys. You certainly won’t know if they are doing a holiday gift guide. Many editors on a beat list only offer advice, news or general information.

Beat lists can come in handy, however for the holidays they are too narrow.

Gift guides and seasonal features tend to cover a wide range of ideas. Gift guides can be handled by Section Editors or Features Editors, and product submissions often go through an Assistant Editor.  A beat list of Section, Features or Assistant Editors would not be a very helpful tool at all.

For holiday and seasonal pitching, you need a list of editors that cover consumer products with a holiday focus. There’s only one. The Gift List.